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Workshop on
Bridging Hong Kong,Macau and Zhuhai:Challenges and Opportunities
The University of Hong Kong
March 25-26,2003

Workshop Findings

With inputs gathered from workshop participants through their active participation in the Small Group Discussion session in particular and throughout the Workshop in general, some major issues pertaining to various bridge proposals and their associated consequences were identified and debated. Specific policy concerns, such as those relating to immigration, the environment, education, governance, energy use, recreation and finance were also discussed at length and the scope of such concerns delineated for future deliberation. The major gaps in our knowledge of and information on various bridge proposals were also outlined. The following findings may help define future research agenda on any infrastructure project in the Pearl River Delta.
Issues Consequences & Perceptions
a) Workers
b) Managers
c) Investors
  • Immigration Policy Questions
  • Increase Job and Investment Opportunities
  • Increases Border Manager in Hong Kong, Provincial Level and National Level
  • Increase in Foreign Direct Investment
  • Increase Real Estate Investment
  • Goods and Vehicles
Goods and Vehicles
  • Increase Pollution
  • Traffic and Demand Management
  • Modal Split:
  • o Passenger (Rail VS Road) o Cargo: Barge, Truck and Train
  • Customs Control
  • Integration with Ports and Airports
  • Flexible Visa Arrangements for All
  • Destination Choices (Ecotourism, Cultural Tourism, Casinos, Home-coming, Recreation & Sports, Vacation Houses)
Policies Comments
  • Quotas, Skills Investment
  • Education: Schooling
  • Elderly: Pensions & Health Benefits
  • Emission Standards
  • Calibrations Standards
  • Fuel Standards
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Solid Waste Management Practices
  • Ecological & Hydrological Impacts
  • Habitat Preservation and Biodiversity
  • Multi-jurisdictional Arrangements (E.g. New York New Jersey Port Authority etc.)
  • Institutional Arrangements
  • Legal Frameworks
  • Citizens Participation
  • Motorization
  • Alternative Energies (Wind, Solar, Biomass, Hydrogen)
  • Electric Grid Management
  • Emissions Trading
  • Financial Regulations
  • Partnerships
  • Risk

Information Gap

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